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applicant management
Discover a complete solution, adapted to your recruitment process.
A completely configurable solution that will perfectly adapt to your organization.

Manage your entire recruitment process in one complete and intuitive solution.

A unique combination of innovative technologies and an outstanding user experience.
From needs identification to hiring, discover a completely configurable ATS.
Software that helps you take control of your recruitment

With the availability of our APIs, connect GLOW to your existing website as well as to your ecosystem of compatible software.

Access to your new interface in no time and start your configuration in a few clicks to adapt the solution to your application.

Participate in our feedback development proccess and enjoy frequent, meaningful updates at no charge.


Create a career site in your image
  • Use a website that will allow you to highlight your values and your brand identity.
The most of Glow ?

Create a career page that promotes your corporate brand
Customize your preselection forms
Find your applications directly in Glow  

Analyze you resumes in one click

Use the resume Analyzer to build your database and centralize all the documents that you receive.

The most of Glow ?

Save considerable time in your recruitment.

Build a complete database.

Centralize all the documents you receive.

Search Intelligent

Discover a feature of Glow that will suggest candidates who may be a good match for your position. 

The most of Glow ?

Don’t miss out on the right candidate

Leverage your database of passive candidates

Search for candidates according to your selection criteria.

Form générator

Create your candidate, interview and pre-selection forms.


The most of Glow ?

Customize all your forms

Forms adapted to your needs.

Centralize all the information collected.

Request management

Create your job opportunities quickly in a single solution.


The most of Glow ?

Easily create and manage your applications.

Streamline your recruitment process

Customize each application in a few clicks.v

Multidiffusion on more than 2 000 Job websites

Create a single ad that you can post instantly on your different job boards. 

The most of Glow ?

Save time in your display

A harmonization of your contents

Simple management of your displays from a single platform


Add your candidates in one click from your professional social network LinkedIn.

The most of Glow ?

Feed your database in one click

Don’t spend time on data integration.

Add your candidates directly to your recruitment process

Teams interview

Schedule your TEAMS interviews directly from Glow in the cloud in an instant.

The most of Glow ?

Automatically send the invitation to your candidates

Be immediately informed of the availability of your collaborators


Application management

Manage the entire recruitment process for your candidates, from application to hire.

The most of Glow ?

Centralization of your candidats informations.

Simplify your recruitment process

Develop your internal communication between employees.

Business intelligence

Be informed of your results in one click and analyze your performance.

The most of Glow ?

Créez vos propres rapports
Faites une extraction de vos rapports en un clic
Des rapports en format Excel



Receive all your applications directly in GLOW IN THE CLOUD


Geolocation of candidates and workplaces.


Discover a Candidate suggestion algorithms