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Better recruitment methods, from posting to hiring.
An intuitive and human ATS.

Take flight.

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GLOW in the cloud  is a modular recruitment software that meets the needs  of modern companies. Take advantage of cutting-edge technologies and redefine your recruitment with an efficient ATS .  Improve your candidates’ experience as well as your productivity by unifying your tools and resources in a single, mobile solution.


More than an ATS

A complete recruiting solution that includes multi-posting, intelligent resume analysis, application management, multiple communications and search tools, and more.

Discover a flexible and easy-to-configure platform that gives you all the power of a high level ATS combined with an intuitive user experience.

It’s time to leave your cumbersome processes on the ground.


Beyond recruitment software

A complete selection of modules to unify your operations in a single experience: Skills management, career planning,  
An employee management solution, internal mobility, contracts creation, electronic signature and mass mailing.

Leverage the automation and intelligence of your data and make room for the human in your operations.

Interconnected directly with GLOW Recruitment, search among your employees to fill new positions.

Take to the sky and get a better view of your resources thanks to a dynamic organization chart.

Simplify your day-to-day actions and maximize time invested with add-on modules designed for specialized use.
All our solutions include the GLOW BI – Live Intelligence tool.

Navigate with confidence and take better business decisions.



Use our APIs to integrate GLOW in the cloud into your existing ecosystem and take advantage of the functions that suits you.

Relationship management (CRM)

With an integrated CRM, you can track your past and future customer activities, interview dates, emails sent and more.



Import your candidates to your database with one click and use our search and communication tools to contact them.

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We believe that a tool should not be defined by the limitations of its simplicity, or the complexity of its configuration. Our commitment is to provide a powerful solution and intuitive experience, allowing users to focus on the people and tasks that really matter.

In constant evolution, our recruitment and applicant tracking solution is not content to stay abreast of the latest market trends. Our team of experts, in collaboration with our partners and users, work to define the tools of tomorrow. 

Do not consider the sky as your limit, with GLOW in the cloud, it’s a starting point.