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Not your average ATS

Whether it’s managing your candidates, your clients, your recruitment process, your human resources or your staffing agency, GLOW IN THE CLOUD provides you with all the necessary tools to simplify your processes.Discover our different modules and see how we make everything easier for you.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Combining next generation search and match tools with an easy to use applicant tracking interface, our ATS will make your recruitment a breeze. Stop using keyword searches and replace them with combined distance, skills, preferences and many more criteria.

Relationship Management (CRM)

With a built-in CRM, you can track past and future client activities, interview dates, sent emails and much more. Who needs a separate CRM when you can manage it all in GLOW IN THE CLOUD

Human Resources (HR)

Whether you are an agency or a corporate user, you still have employees to manage and using GLOW IN THE CLOUD doesn’t stop at the hiring step. With our human resources tools, you will be able to go through onboarding, training management, annual evaluation and even timesheets approval.


This module is available and was designed specifically for our staffing agency clients. Without being an accounting software, GLOW IN THE CLOUD is able to produce invoices and timesheets that can be exported to your current solution.

Business Intelligence (BI)

The best decisions are usually made based on facts. With our business intelligence module, you’ll see in a glance what is happening and what requires your attention. Get information about recruiting sources, your candidate database’s health or your recruiters’ activities.

Time and attendance

Designed for both agencies and corporate users, time and attendance management has never been this easy! Employees can submit their hours online and managers can approve them electronically.

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GLOW IN THE CLOUD is an all-in-one solution for your human resource management or your recruitment agency. With our secure, Google cloud hosted, web interface, you can access the software from anywhere and work with speed and efficiency. GDPR compliant, affordable and easy to learn, GLOW IN THE CLOUD an be deployed and functional within hours, without forfeiting configuration options. Our team of experts can even help you map the data from your existing system to our interface. Give us a call or BOOK A DEMO to see it in action and you will understand why we are the best fit for your needs.