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Software features for staffing, recruitment and executive search agencies

Whether you are doing temporary or permanent staffing, you need a management software that is more than an ATS. With its complete tool selection, GLOW IN THE CLOUD offers your company a way to stay productive and competitive.
This list of features has been built for agencies to help you quickly understand what our different modules have to offer.

ATS Features

Our applicant tracking system offers unique capabilities.

Recruitment cycle from A to Z

Manage your entire recruitment cycle, from job order creation to onboarding.

Candidate database management

Optimized resume and candidate management

Resume Parser

Extract contact information and key skills with one click and automatically create a candidate profile.

Resume generator

Quickly create resumes based on your templates, directly in Glow in the cloud.

Job posting management

A one stop shop for optimal job order management.

Email integration (Add-in Outlook)

Add a resume to your database directly from an email, whether it’s from an attached file or the email itself.

Complete electronic document management

Your documents become more accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Job posting

Save time and increase your inbound candidacies by posting your jobs directly to Indeed, Jobboom, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn and your website, straight from the ATS.

Advanced search options

Recruit the best talent by using our advanced search tools. Search candidates by name, job title, skills, distance…

Duplicate profile checker

Our software finds duplicates by comparing candidate information and automatically alerts you.

Geolocalized candidates

Google Maps integration to help you find candidates based on their distance to a work location

Saved personalized searches

Don’t waste any more time doing the same search. Search it once and save it.You can redo your search in a single click when you want! Convenient when you have recurring jobs to fill!

SMS and email interviews confirmations

When an interview is confirmed, an SMS and an email are sent to the candidate.

Interview Calendar

Plan your interviews directly with the integrated calendar, which is synchronized with Outlook and Gmail.
Never double book yourself again.

SMS and mass mailing options

Sending an SMS is a sure way to reach the candidates you want. Mass mailing allows you to quickly contact candidates from your database with job offers.

Candidate sharing

Send profiles to colleagues without leaving  


Find the best profiles in a single click. Your favorites stand out.
Never lose sight of them again.

Data access control

Data access is entirely secured.
You can customize every user’s access.

CRM Features

Manage all your client relationships with the integrated CRM.

Project Management

Manage projects by clients. They are directly linked to timesheets to save you even more time.

Complete client files

Access and manage all the data and files related to your clients.

Manage client relationships

GLOW IN THE CLOUD simplifies interactions with your customers.

Manage client activities

Manage communications and meetings with your clients

Send emails

Contact your clients directly from GLOW IN THE CLOUD. Don’t waste time juggling between your mailboxes and software.

Potential Sales

Manage potential clients and job offers to maximize your sales.

Finance Features

Quickly prepare timesheets and invoices to be exported to you prefered accounting solution.

Complete electronic document management

Your documents become more accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Invoicing Management

Directly access your invoices in GLOW IN THE CLOUD.

Multicriteria invoice search

You can quickly search for an invoice with keywords.

Exportable and printable data

Export all your data in Excel format or print it.

Transfer to payroll software

Transfer in a single click all your data to your payroll software.

Review and approval process

Validation process to confirm rates and financial details to avoid mistakes.

Human resources Features

Don’t stop at the hiring step and manage your employees on a daily basis.

Contract Generator

Create and generate your contracts directly from GLOW IN THE CLOUD. In a few clicks, you can print contracts and appendices.

Electronic Signature

Stop wasting time printing contracts to sign them. Sign them directly in GLOW IN THE CLOUD.


Create onboarding and personalize each step of your process.

Manage reminders

Never miss important moments again ! Create reminders (medical appointments, professional meetings…) and GLOW IN THE CLOUD will remind you at the desired date.

Manage training

Manage training and follow-ups in GLOW IN THE CLOUD.

Start and end dates’ calendar

Manage your employees and consultants’ starts and ends of mandates with our mandate calendar.

Fonctionnalités Temps et présences

Gérez les temps et présences de vos employés et consultants grâce à notre module de feuilles de temps.

Submit hours from anywhere

Employees and consultants can submit their hours anytime, anywhere: online or on their mobile.

Electronic timesheet approval

Clients can approve time electronically. If necessary, an internal approval can also be done electronically before paying and billing hours out.

Project and task tracking

Track the amount of time employees and consultants spend on tasks and projects.

Timesheet management

You can approve timesheets in a few clicks.

Time off and sick days

Employees can submit time off requests, sick days, etc.

Reports and BI

GLOW IN THE CLOUD GLOW IN THE CLOUD always comes with complete Business Intelligence and reporting tools.

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