Engrenage About Glow

GLOW IN THE CLOUD is an ERP that allows its users to manage and follow a company’s information and operations in real time, with the use of several tools, including an ATS and CRM.

Multilingual (French, English, Spanish and German), it was designed to entirely manage business operations.

Built around a single database, GLOW IN THE CLOUD centralizes information and documents to provide easy access to all your necessary data to efficiently drive business relationships.

Your business contacts, billing, time management and payroll are all gathered in one place to help you save time and maximize profits.
Versatile, GLOW IN THE CLOUD meets the needs of several units at once: interactions between people and departments, relationships and communications.

With GLOW IN THE CLOUD, all your contacts are centralized and simplified: the unique database prevents errors and double data entry. In a nutshell, your internal and external business relationships are managed in a much more efficient way.


Glow in the cloud - qui nous sommes

Founded in 1989, Techniglobe has over 25 years of experience in placing contractual and permanent resources.

Serving clients in business sectors such as banking, transport, distribution and the public sector (among many others), Techniglobe had to adapt to a variety of business needs throughout the years. It was therefore initially to help manage its sales cycles and candidates that the company deployed an internal team of analysts and developers to build a new tool to centralize its data and documents.


Glow in the cloud - qui nous sommesIn use since 2014, GLOW IN THE CLOUD is an ERP that includes an ATS and a CRM.

The solution was developed and commercialized in Montreal, as much for small and medium businesses as for large corporations and can be set up in its entirety or partially (by module), in order to meet the needs of each client.